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Confidence Builder weekend - 2-day

Specially designed to help you get back into the swing of things at the start of the season. If you haven’t paddled much over the cold winter months, this refresher weekend will set you up for the summer. It can also act as a “paddling MOT” if you’d like to set yourself some paddling goals for the year.

There will be a strong technical element, working to improve efficiency and accuracy in your strokes. Particular emphasis will be placed on forward paddling and maneuvering. Coaching will be undertaken as part of a journey, helping you to get back into paddle fitness for the season. Conditions will vary depending on the weather and the needs of the group, but we would hope to work on how to handle boats in the wind and waves.

All equipment and clothing is provided, but you will need a packed lunch.
The course starts at 09.30 and finishes around 16.30 on both days.
You will initially meet at our base in central Oban, there may be a short drive on one or both days to enable us to find the most appropriate sea conditions.

Dates: 30/31 March, 20/21 April

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